Hummer – American company, a part of the General Motors produces tractors, and huge capacity. The products are manufactured, Hummer, Indiana.

Hummer cars began to produce because of the shortage of large-capacity cars in America. Such a vehicle can easily overcome the military obstacles.

After the show, the model M998, military excited and ordered the company to a whole batch of the same powerful SUVs. In war films Hummer driving on sand and slopes, with the same grace and ease, the ride would passenger car on smooth asphalt. Viewers could not leave these frames without attention, and the company has received more and more private orders. So since 1922 began selling SUV everyone. Since then annually change some characteristics that does not reduce the demand.

One of the first leaders Hummer became known bright personality – Arnold Schwarzenegger, followed in the ranks of the members of the club Hummer came celebrities such as Sylvester Stallone, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and even a famous tennis player Andre Agassi.

Recently the Hummer came антипробуксовочные materials and electronic sensors that do not allow any of wheel slip.

In the plans of General Motors to raise the level of higher sales volumes of cars of well-known and popular company Hummer. Demand for SUVs, though not too large, but stable.

In the future new affordable, comfortable and compact model Hummer H3.


Ford motor company of America, specialization is directed on creation of cars.

Founded Henry Ford in 1903, wishing to produce practical and cheaper cars. The success of the first models was so huge, that despite the expansion of factories Ford, with newly incoming orders could not cope. In the first year after the opening of the company, Ford is ranked first by the number of sold cars at that time.

However, in 1929, along with the onset of the great depression production drops sharply, заработна fee work is reduced in 2 times.

After a brief reign by the old man’s Ford, the power goes to Henry Ford and the company shall get a second wind. In 1949 Ford Motor sells approximately 807 thousand vehicles, thereby, increasing its profit in 2 times.

In the 80s Ford buys 75% of the shares of the company Aston Martin-Lagonda. In 1990 the firm acquires company «Jaguar»that, of course, increases the variety of produced models.

In 1996 pipeline company comes 250 million cars, which confirms the statistics on the demand for the products of Ford. For the total performance of production volumes of Ford moving forward into the top three companies in the world.

2001 – the company proposes to review a totally new model Ford Mondeo. Its appearance can be considered a revolutionary event. This car, built by the European division of Ford Motor Company, was established on the basis of the modernized design technologies.

Today, the company manages its production and Assembly factories scattered in more than 30 countries of the world.


Dodge – one of the offices of the famous American Corporation, which specializes not only passenger cars, but also on the terrain vehicles.

Brothers – Горейс and John Dodge opened his company in 1914 and began manufacturing automobiles equipped with all-metal bodies. The company Dodge although started practically from scratch, is gaining momentum, thanks to the introduction of the newest and most popular technologies.

It is not surprising, but first published model of brothers named after himself, the Dodge Brothers, and then released another 249 twins for this model.

As the brothers are valued by their ancestors and revered their memory by a proprietary company emblem became the globe, embedded in the center of the star of David.

By 1920, the company occupied the second place in the production of cars Ford, but in the same year, both brothers died, and the new managing company became the Fred J.. Haines. In 8 years, the company bought Walter Chrysler, therefore, the first world war firm «Dodge» survived dignity. In modern times Dodge produces pickups, minivans, SUVs and cars. Emblem компонии often changed, and now it has the look of a sheep’s head.

To explain this fact nobody can, but suggest that зачинщицей idea became one of the models of Dodge with curved exhaust pipe, very reminiscent of the horn of the RAM.

Produced new models of Dodge by leaps and bounds. By results of 1999, only in the USA and Canada was released about 1600 thousand of various models of Dodge.


Chrysler American company specializing in the production of various types of vehicles such as Chrysler, Plymouth, Eagle, trucks and pickups and components.

Founded Walter Chrysler in the early 20s, and immediately the car was released Chrysler 70». The model went so alive demand, that in one year, has sold more than 30 thousand pieces.

In the end of 40s appears convenient to use the function – now start the car, you can easily, using the ignition key.

In 1970 Mitsubishi motors produces cars under the name of «Chrysler» for implementation in the United States. However, 70 years for the company’s full of loss: the energy crisis, and the misguided industrial policy.

In 1985 Chrysler has launched the development of fuel-efficient cars, rallying with «Mitsubishi motors» and «Reno».

Since 1988 the company manufactures and produces to light a whole batch of trucks and pickups.

In 1998, Chrysler decided to unite with the Corporation «Daimler-Benz». Formed by the joining of two large companies, Chrysler gets another double name – «Daimler-Chrysler».

Then the company has produced a new car Chrysler PT Cruiser, mainly aimed at the European market. At the enterprises of Americans production of cars was quiet for orientation of new markets due to the overflow of the American. Today it should be noted that company cars will always remain the same popular. History, along with auspicious events new Chrysler, is still ahead.


«Chevrolet» – the dominant branch of General motors, priority of which is the production of passenger cars, SUVs and pickups.

Founded in 1911, the same William that founded the «General motors». Durant, as the Manager, leaving the «General motors», took the promising development of a vehicle. To bring to perfection their idea Durant invited the famous racer Louis Chevrolet, gave the company its renowned sonorous name.

In 1912, was presented the first model of the Classic Six – five-seat sedan, equipped with a 6-cylinder engine, electric light, the top of the car was folding, besides, it was attached with a set of tools to work. Then there was a new model, but the buyer would have had to spend on it more approximately in time than buying a new car of another brand.

Then Durant realized that in order to success is always accompanied by better to produce автомобли easier on internal content, but acceptable for the price.
Dynamic, rich assortment cars «Chevrolet» helped Дюранту to regain control of the «General motors», so to 1918, Chevrolet became graceful integral part of General motors. Since 1950 the company starts to use in their models automatic transmission.

Engineers and designers of «Chevrolet» a lot and worked hard to mark has contributed to the development of the world automotive industry. Demand for emerging models of Chevrolet promises to grow constantly, proves that the prestige and the perfection of the company.


Cadillac Motor Car Division – Department of General Motors, which is engaged in passenger cars of a class «Lux».

Founders of the company – Henry Leland and William Murphy. First, the company was called Cadillac Motor Car Company – in honor of Detroit Antoine de La Motta Cadillac from the almost bankrupt returned to the auto – market. In 1903 Cadillac model And has appeared at an exhibition in new York. Real celebrity brought the company model D is produced at the light through 2 years. Four cylinder engine, packaged in a beautiful wooden building with aluminum elements, admired motorists.

In 1909, General Motors bought a Cadillac for a large sum of money, but the former owners were asked to stay and work, driving as his own property.

In 1912 innovation becomes electrical ignition system, now no need to start a motor manually. Demand for Cadillacs was huge, primarily due to the improved model Type 61.

In the 30-ies of the Cadillac was the vision of America’s citizens, combining as a luxury and flawless in technical terms. Engineers are seriously occupied with planning automatic transmission. In one of the experimental models Cadillac made independent illumination of the front wheels. During the war years the company specialized in the vehicles needed for the battles. After Cadillac again began to produce cars, having invented them easy economical engine. So Cadillac has been considered the most swift and strong car.

Every year Cadillac won more stable thanks to the constant modernization models and by the end of 1973 was released five millionth vehicle.

Company Cadillac’s work continues to this day with the same responsibility and the novelties always enjoy an outstanding reputation.


Buick – link company «General motors».

In 1902 David Buick sells its former enterprise and for 100 thousand dollars founds new, that is a – car company Buick Motor Car Company.

The first car company issued one year after its founding, but the case of David farther did not because he lost his company, not having the skill management. Until 1908 Buick was a member of the Board of Directors.

Buick was an independent division of General motors, producing cars, the construction of which attracted attention of Americans. More than 8 thousand cars, has sold over a short period of time.

In 1931-36 new series cars Century, Special ,Roadmaster and Limited. The first in the history of the car called «Родмастер» was released in 1936, in the same year, the company invented in addition to the number designation responsible for coming up with the name.

In 1939 Buick gives life to the longest luxurious car – восьмиместному series limousine limited, a model 39-90L.

Postwar «Бьюки» took in a basis prewar bodies and radiator lining. Besides, invented a new emblem – бомбочку in the ring, put it on the hood of the car. These characteristics do not know the post-war model was impossible.

1979 marked by the release of a compact car Skylark, then produce other models Century and Skyhawk.

In 1984 the first appears model Riviera Coupe. 1992 – production of the new generation models Le Sabre.

Since 2001, the company Buick produces relatively inexpensive best-selling models of cars targeting the U.S. market.


North American brand from Honda, the main function of which is production of car rentals, as well as the sports class.

The plant called the American Honda Motor Co, opened in California in 1986. The name «Acura» became a stroke in 1989 and are only the most worthy Honda models sold in the US. If we talk about technical data, mainly cars Acura not differ from brands Honda match even the names of models. The main feature of cars Acura – sporty look and a higher level of integration serially. In addition, Acura offers US more advanced models, unlike Honda.

In the emblem of the brand is present letter «A», similar in form of Curling. The simplicity of the picture are easily explained by the difficulties that arise in the United States during the registration of new brands.

In the Executive class Acura represents RL sedan 5 metres in length. The model, first introduced in America, sedan became Acura Legend, he was described as BMW, but better. Acura NSX just entered into the market in 1990, became the first among other cars.

Every year the enterprise has produced more new products, and 2001 was struck down on the spot Canadians as comfortable sports sedan EL created according to the latest requirements, only sell there.

In the event of the year for 2002 Acura was the creation of a new generation of sports hatchbacks.

According to the statistics by 2002, only the U.S. has sold 2 million cars Acura, which is not surprising as the company Honda, primarily aimed at the American consumer.

More than 10 years ago, Acura made a significant contribution in the market of cars of a class «Lux», while the preparations for the launch of the first model lasted almost 10 years. It should be noted that not in vain, because the cars Acura embodied all the features of the nobility and facilities.