North American brand from Honda, the main function of which is production of car rentals, as well as the sports class.

The plant called the American Honda Motor Co, opened in California in 1986. The name «Acura» became a stroke in 1989 and are only the most worthy Honda models sold in the US. If we talk about technical data, mainly cars Acura not differ from brands Honda match even the names of models. The main feature of cars Acura - sporty look and a higher level of integration serially. In addition, Acura offers US more advanced models, unlike Honda.

In the emblem of the brand is present letter «A», similar in form of Curling. The simplicity of the picture are easily explained by the difficulties that arise in the United States during the registration of new brands.

In the Executive class Acura represents RL sedan 5 metres in length. The model, first introduced in America, sedan became Acura Legend, he was described as BMW, but better. Acura NSX just entered into the market in 1990, became the first among other cars.

Every year the enterprise has produced more new products, and 2001 was struck down on the spot Canadians as comfortable sports sedan EL created according to the latest requirements, only sell there.

In the event of the year for 2002 Acura was the creation of a new generation of sports hatchbacks.

According to the statistics by 2002, only the U.S. has sold 2 million cars Acura, which is not surprising as the company Honda, primarily aimed at the American consumer.

More than 10 years ago, Acura made a significant contribution in the market of cars of a class «Lux», while the preparations for the launch of the first model lasted almost 10 years. It should be noted that not in vain, because the cars Acura embodied all the features of the nobility and facilities.

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