Buick - link company «General motors».

In 1902 David Buick sells its former enterprise and for 100 thousand dollars founds new, that is a - car company Buick Motor Car Company.

The first car company issued one year after its founding, but the case of David farther did not because he lost his company, not having the skill management. Until 1908 Buick was a member of the Board of Directors.

Buick was an independent division of General motors, producing cars, the construction of which attracted attention of Americans. More than 8 thousand cars, has sold over a short period of time.

In 1931-36 new series cars Century, Special ,Roadmaster and Limited. The first in the history of the car called «Родмастер» was released in 1936, in the same year, the company invented in addition to the number designation responsible for coming up with the name.

In 1939 Buick gives life to the longest luxurious car - восьмиместному series limousine limited, a model 39-90L.

Postwar «Бьюки» took in a basis prewar bodies and radiator lining. Besides, invented a new emblem - бомбочку in the ring, put it on the hood of the car. These characteristics do not know the post-war model was impossible.

1979 marked by the release of a compact car Skylark, then produce other models Century and Skyhawk.

In 1984 the first appears model Riviera Coupe. 1992 - production of the new generation models Le Sabre.

Since 2001, the company Buick produces relatively inexpensive best-selling models of cars targeting the U.S. market.

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