Cadillac Motor Car Division - Department of General Motors, which is engaged in passenger cars of a class «Lux».

Founders of the company - Henry Leland and William Murphy. First, the company was called Cadillac Motor Car Company - in honor of Detroit Antoine de La Motta Cadillac from the almost bankrupt returned to the auto - market. In 1903 Cadillac model And has appeared at an exhibition in new York. Real celebrity brought the company model D is produced at the light through 2 years. Four cylinder engine, packaged in a beautiful wooden building with aluminum elements, admired motorists.

In 1909, General Motors bought a Cadillac for a large sum of money, but the former owners were asked to stay and work, driving as his own property.

In 1912 innovation becomes electrical ignition system, now no need to start a motor manually. Demand for Cadillacs was huge, primarily due to the improved model Type 61.

In the 30-ies of the Cadillac was the vision of America's citizens, combining as a luxury and flawless in technical terms. Engineers are seriously occupied with planning automatic transmission. In one of the experimental models Cadillac made independent illumination of the front wheels. During the war years the company specialized in the vehicles needed for the battles. After Cadillac again began to produce cars, having invented them easy economical engine. So Cadillac has been considered the most swift and strong car.

Every year Cadillac won more stable thanks to the constant modernization models and by the end of 1973 was released five millionth vehicle.

Company Cadillac's work continues to this day with the same responsibility and the novelties always enjoy an outstanding reputation.

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