«Chevrolet» - the dominant branch of General motors, priority of which is the production of passenger cars, SUVs and pickups.

Founded in 1911, the same William that founded the «General motors». Durant, as the Manager, leaving the «General motors», took the promising development of a vehicle. To bring to perfection their idea Durant invited the famous racer Louis Chevrolet, gave the company its renowned sonorous name.

In 1912, was presented the first model of the Classic Six - five-seat sedan, equipped with a 6-cylinder engine, electric light, the top of the car was folding, besides, it was attached with a set of tools to work. Then there was a new model, but the buyer would have had to spend on it more approximately in time than buying a new car of another brand.

Then Durant realized that in order to success is always accompanied by better to produce автомобли easier on internal content, but acceptable for the price.
Dynamic, rich assortment cars «Chevrolet» helped Дюранту to regain control of the «General motors», so to 1918, Chevrolet became graceful integral part of General motors. Since 1950 the company starts to use in their models automatic transmission.

Engineers and designers of «Chevrolet» a lot and worked hard to mark has contributed to the development of the world automotive industry. Demand for emerging models of Chevrolet promises to grow constantly, proves that the prestige and the perfection of the company.

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