Chrysler American company specializing in the production of various types of vehicles such as Chrysler, Plymouth, Eagle, trucks and pickups and components.

Founded Walter Chrysler in the early 20s, and immediately the car was released Chrysler 70». The model went so alive demand, that in one year, has sold more than 30 thousand pieces.

In the end of 40s appears convenient to use the function - now start the car, you can easily, using the ignition key.

In 1970 Mitsubishi motors produces cars under the name of «Chrysler» for implementation in the United States. However, 70 years for the company's full of loss: the energy crisis, and the misguided industrial policy.

In 1985 Chrysler has launched the development of fuel-efficient cars, rallying with «Mitsubishi motors» and «Reno».

Since 1988 the company manufactures and produces to light a whole batch of trucks and pickups.

In 1998, Chrysler decided to unite with the Corporation «Daimler-Benz». Formed by the joining of two large companies, Chrysler gets another double name - «Daimler-Chrysler».

Then the company has produced a new car Chrysler PT Cruiser, mainly aimed at the European market. At the enterprises of Americans production of cars was quiet for orientation of new markets due to the overflow of the American. Today it should be noted that company cars will always remain the same popular. History, along with auspicious events new Chrysler, is still ahead.

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