Dodge - one of the offices of the famous American Corporation, which specializes not only passenger cars, but also on the terrain vehicles.

Brothers - Горейс and John Dodge opened his company in 1914 and began manufacturing automobiles equipped with all-metal bodies. The company Dodge although started practically from scratch, is gaining momentum, thanks to the introduction of the newest and most popular technologies.

It is not surprising, but first published model of brothers named after himself, the Dodge Brothers, and then released another 249 twins for this model.

As the brothers are valued by their ancestors and revered their memory by a proprietary company emblem became the globe, embedded in the center of the star of David.

By 1920, the company occupied the second place in the production of cars Ford, but in the same year, both brothers died, and the new managing company became the Fred J.. Haines. In 8 years, the company bought Walter Chrysler, therefore, the first world war firm «Dodge» survived dignity. In modern times Dodge produces pickups, minivans, SUVs and cars. Emblem компонии often changed, and now it has the look of a sheep's head.

To explain this fact nobody can, but suggest that зачинщицей idea became one of the models of Dodge with curved exhaust pipe, very reminiscent of the horn of the RAM.

Produced new models of Dodge by leaps and bounds. By results of 1999, only in the USA and Canada was released about 1600 thousand of various models of Dodge.

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