Ford motor company of America, specialization is directed on creation of cars.

Founded Henry Ford in 1903, wishing to produce practical and cheaper cars. The success of the first models was so huge, that despite the expansion of factories Ford, with newly incoming orders could not cope. In the first year after the opening of the company, Ford is ranked first by the number of sold cars at that time.

However, in 1929, along with the onset of the great depression production drops sharply, заработна fee work is reduced in 2 times.

After a brief reign by the old man's Ford, the power goes to Henry Ford and the company shall get a second wind. In 1949 Ford Motor sells approximately 807 thousand vehicles, thereby, increasing its profit in 2 times.

In the 80s Ford buys 75% of the shares of the company Aston Martin-Lagonda. In 1990 the firm acquires company «Jaguar»that, of course, increases the variety of produced models.

In 1996 pipeline company comes 250 million cars, which confirms the statistics on the demand for the products of Ford. For the total performance of production volumes of Ford moving forward into the top three companies in the world.

2001 - the company proposes to review a totally new model Ford Mondeo. Its appearance can be considered a revolutionary event. This car, built by the European division of Ford Motor Company, was established on the basis of the modernized design technologies.

Today, the company manages its production and Assembly factories scattered in more than 30 countries of the world.

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