Hummer - American company, a part of the General Motors produces tractors, and huge capacity. The products are manufactured, Hummer, Indiana.

Hummer cars began to produce because of the shortage of large-capacity cars in America. Such a vehicle can easily overcome the military obstacles.

After the show, the model M998, military excited and ordered the company to a whole batch of the same powerful SUVs. In war films Hummer driving on sand and slopes, with the same grace and ease, the ride would passenger car on smooth asphalt. Viewers could not leave these frames without attention, and the company has received more and more private orders. So since 1922 began selling SUV everyone. Since then annually change some characteristics that does not reduce the demand.

One of the first leaders Hummer became known bright personality - Arnold Schwarzenegger, followed in the ranks of the members of the club Hummer came celebrities such as Sylvester Stallone, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and even a famous tennis player Andre Agassi.

Recently the Hummer came антипробуксовочные materials and electronic sensors that do not allow any of wheel slip.

In the plans of General Motors to raise the level of higher sales volumes of cars of well-known and popular company Hummer. Demand for SUVs, though not too large, but stable.

In the future new affordable, comfortable and compact model Hummer H3.

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