Carbon Neutral Growth: Airlines are the first global industry, which committed their growth without increase the carbon emission from 2020.

IATA 4 Pillars Strategies: The International Air Transport Association (IATA), created and have been promoting a four-pillar strategy, ‘Improved technology’, ‘Effective operations’, ‘Efficient infrastructure’ and ‘Positive economic measures’, since 2007 to achieve a vision of “carbon-neutral growth in the mid-term and to build a zero emission commercial aircraft within the next 50 years” (IATA homepage).

Multi-Level Perspectives (MLP): MLP is

a useful approach to understanding transition pathways of an innovative idea to integrate in the main stream of a system or a society (Schot and Geel, 2008).

StrongAir Traffic Growth: The growth of air traffic is statistically faster than economic, GDP growth and eventually has canceled the recent effort of fuel-efficient improvement (Szodruch,


Sustainable System Innovation: Researchers of systems innovation have been recently devel­oping many theories and tools to promote the transitions required to make it possible to move innovations from laboratories to market.

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